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Proverbs 15v3. God knows everything about everything & everybody all the time. He knows the future as much as the past & the present, and the possible events that never happened as well as the actual events that do. All God’s knowledge is immediate & direct. Wow! Rom. 11v33-36.
Gen. 6v5-7; Jonah 3v10. The changelessness of God doesn’t mean He is unresponsive & indifferent to what goes on in His world. Actually, the opposite is the truth. God’s immutability explains why, when people change their attitude to Him, He changes His attitude to them.
James 1v17. God is immutable. He is totally consistent. He cannot change for the better or for the worse. He is always active in the world & constantly makes new things spring forth but His immutability guarantees His adherence to the words He has spoken & the plans He has made.

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