‘Foundations’ Videos

Foundations Promo Video

Every Christian needs good foundations in their life. These videos focus on these foundations, brought together in six helpful units.

Unit 1: Personal foundations
Unit 2: A new creation
Unit 3: Kingdom life
Unit 4: Kingdom warfare
Unit 5: Jesus is building His church
Unit 6: Belonging to a church

Unit 1: Personal Foundations

In this first video John explains the 4 essentials elements of a strong, stable Christian life. He helps us to understand the importance of Repentance, Faith, Baptism in Water and Baptism in the Holy Spirit for every individual Christian.

Unit 2: A New Creation

If we are going to be free and fruitful Christians we need to know the truth about all that Jesus has done for us. In this video John explains what it means to be a new creation and a child of God. He also explores the joy of living under the rule of grace not the rule of law.

Unit 3: Kingdom Life

In this world there are 2 spiritual kingdoms: the dominion of darkness and the kingdom of God. When you become a Christian you are rescued from the former and transferred to the latter. In video 3 John helps us understand how living as citizens of the kingdom of God revolutionises every aspect of our lives.

Unit 4: Kingdom Warfare

Video 4 is about the very real spiritual battles we all face. Being a Christian is not always easy because we are engaged in a war between light and darkness. John helps us to grasp how important this unseen war is. He introduces us to the spiritual weapons by which we can overcome our enemy.

Unit 5: Jesus Is Building His Church

In this video we learn about the New Testament definition of ‘church,’ and how the bible can help us make a wise choice about which church we belong to. This is a very important subject as Christians flourish best when they are part of a vibrant church community.

Unit 6: Belonging To A Church

In this last video John explains how each one of us can play a vital part in the local church God joins us to. John also reminds us that the church does not exist merely for the benefit of its members but to bless the world around it. He looks at Jesus’ call to be His witnesses and to take His ‘good news’ to the ends of the earth.