I am delighted to announce that after many month’s work, and much help from numerous people, the new edition of Foundations is now available for purchase from my website at www.johngroves.org.uk/foundations.

Foundations was originally developed within the context of my local church. However, to my surprise and delight, over the years this course has been delivered worldwide in a number of ways and a diverse variety of settings. It seems that the easy-to-follow sessions, supported by biblical truth, have proved accessible to people from all types of background.

Every Christian needs good foundations in their life. This book focuses on these foundations brought together in six helpful units: 1) Personal Foundations. 2) A New Creation. 3) Kingdom Life. 4) Kingdom Warfare. 5) Jesus is Building His Church. 6) Belonging to the Church.

We have also produced six videos to accompany these units. In each video I present a 25 mins summary of the unit’s teaching. These videos will be available soon and free of charge on my website.

In producing this book my heart has always been to serve churches by providing an easily accessible resource for discipling new Christians and securing strong foundations.

To whet your appetite this is what some people are saying about Foundations:

“John has a wonderful grace of making the Bible live and helping believers to build their lives on strong foundations. I have used Foundations in church and individual contexts, and wholeheartedly recommend this introduction to the life of Discipleship.” Guy Miller – Apostolic Leader, Commission.

“It is difficult to put a value on a good introductory course for new believers. How vital it is for the person recently converted to be rooted and grounded in their new faith. I wholeheartedly recommend Foundations to you, expecting it to prove a genuinely helpful guide. I wish that someone had introduced such material to me as a young Christian. It would have saved me from so much wasted time.” Terry Virgo – Founder, New Frontiers.

“This isn’t just another ‘basics in the faith’ book. It’s meaty and it delivers! We believe that this is one of the best discipleship resources we’ve come across. Simply brilliant!” Phil & Esther Daniels – Lead Pastors Eterniti Church, Golborne, Wigan, UK.

“An excellent complement to the Freedom in Christ Course that helps Christians understand practically how to live as a fruitful disciple and become a fruitful part of their church family.” Steve Goss – International Director of Freedom in Christ Ministries.

“It has been my privilege over the last eight years to work alongside John using the Foundations material in Hope Church. Without fail, it encourages people in their faith, challenges people to be better followers of Christ and when used well, teases out the key issues in people’s hearts. I have every confidence that the updated version will continue to be a blessing.” Steve Chick – Lead Elder, Hope Church Winchester, UK[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]