About John

John is based in Winchester, Hampshire where he lives with his lovely wife Marian. They have been a part of Hope Church Winchester for 15 years and truly consider it home. John led the church for 7 years from 2002 after they moved from Hastings.

They have three grown up children and 10 grandchildren; 8 boys and 2 girls, ranging from 3 – 17 years old. John loves being a fun grandad and a ‘big kid’ with his grandchildren!

Besides walking and birdwatching with Marian, John enjoys relaxing with a good book or his Bible. He loves watching crime dramas, history programmes or ‘real life’ films and never turns down the opportunity to enjoy an escapist boy’s film with his grandsons!

His interest in current affairs goes back to his university days. Being in touch with the real world and changing times has fueled much of his passion for the gospel over the years. At university John studied History and English. It was here that his desire to preach and teach the gospel was birthed, as was his desire to see healthy growing churches.


His academic study and 10 years teaching experience in a large boys school proved invaluable preparation for church leadership. There was not a strong call to be a full time leader earlier on, however with a young family, busy teaching job and being very involved in a new church it became the next natural step.

John has now served full time, in that capacity for 34 years. It has not been without its challenges but overall has been a joy and privilege. He continues to serve many local churches both nationally and internationally, specifically among the Commission family of churches.



2 Cor. 8v9; 9v15. Paul’s exhortation about money and giving is tied to the gospel. All our giving is but a pale reflection of God’s ‘indescribable gift’ which lies at the heart of the gospel.
@AJWTheology: If you haven’t already seen it, this discussion between ⁦@glenscrivener⁩ and ⁦@SamAllberry⁩ on what we can learn from the Ravi Zacharias scandal is superb. https://t.co/MjFEl8GBtl
Deut. 29v29. This verse reminds us that God has not revealed everything to us. At some point God demands our trust and obedience, not merely our evaluation and understanding.