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"God's promise is better than any bond.The whole world hangs on the word of God's power & cannot our faith hang on the word of his promise?"
..yet Christ bought it with the price of his blood..should not the saints have this kingdom, then Christ should lose his purchase!" T Watson

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God has saved us so we can do his will (1 Peter 4 v 2). It’s what we’ve been set free to do! It is our greatest privilege to do the will of God. As God wants us to do his will [...]

Our God Speaks!

Our God speaks! It’s as natural for him as it is for me. He made me, after all! There is no doubt that the one, true and living God is a God who speaks. The Bible often emphasises that the idols of [...]

Restoring Biblical Principles

I love reading the stories of the Reformation, the Puritans, the Great Awakenings, the Revivals. I also love learning about the lives of great figures in church history, missionaries, evangelists, pioneer Pentecostalists, the great preachers and the great social reformers. It is [...]