Looking forward to preaching @LifeSoton Central & West End this morning - soon to be 2 sites of the 1 church - exciting!
...so all have occasion to exercise the spirit of wisdom and meekness." Richard Sibbes
"The church of Christ is a common hospital, wherein all are in some measure sick of some spiritual disease or other...

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St. Patrick & Bonhoeffer

I've always loved reading books. I realise books are not everyone's cup of tea but for me they are one of the ways I refresh and recharge. I read quite an eclectic mix of books so relish the opportunity to share some [...]

Newfrontiers & Commission

Changes in my own life have paralleled changes in Newfrontiers in many ways, so the two stories somewhat intertwine. In 2010 I handed over the Senior Pastor role of Winchester Family Church (now Hope Church Winchester) to Steve Chick. I felt God [...]

Changing Seasons

Last March I reached the milestone of my 65th birthday. For many their 65th birthday coincides with stopping work and retiring. This can be a time of huge life-change, but for me the change has been more gradual. God has been so [...]