Many writers, even those of a #Calvinistic persuasion, observe steps or stages on the way to #Revival. Read more in… https://t.co/ufJ98chgGh
"To do God's will is for our benefit. It promotes our own self interest. As if a king commands a subject to dig in… https://t.co/8M7LOMBt0i
I'm off to Bournemouth today for 2 days Commission UK leadership team - always stimulating & challenging but in the… https://t.co/paqg8Ci8EK

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The Journey Of Revival

The last 120 years have been years of massive change both for the world and for the Church. I believe that the majority of the changes in the Church have been good ones, particularly the growth in the numbers of Bible-believing Christians. [...]

Preparing For Revival

In recent weeks I’ve found God stirring me about revival. It’s a burden I’ve lived with throughout my adult life. However, my passion for revival is like a garden bonfire, sometimes it just smoulders and sometimes it flares up. God seems to [...]

Thirsting For Revival

Tuesday 31st October 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of what many consider to be the start of the Reformation. Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis onto the church door in Wittenberg, going public with his call for reformation in the Church. This [...]